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Unleash unrivaled organization & control with dynamic, reusable checklists. Banish forgetfulness forever!

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Hi, I'm Spencer and I built this app to help with my ADHD. I found myself forgetting things more and more after the birth of my son. Dropping him at daycare and then going to the gym, required so many things. I felt overwhelmed and would take ages to leave the house. I wanted a solution, so I built this app. Now I run through CheckYourList and am confident I have everything I need.

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Standalone WatchOS App

Easily create and use your checklists right from your wrist. Always have the most up-to-date version with seamless sync to the phone app. Make your life easier with CheckYourList on your wrist.

4.8 / 5

221+ App Store Reviews

Simple Routine Builder

by DaronYondem

"Reusable checklist to build routines or pretty much any habit. I love the crazy simplicity and the power of this app."

Great for people with ADHD

by Perks McGee

"So far, this app has *really* helped keep my ADHD in check. I’ve been looking for an app like this for a *very* long time. In the future, I’d love to see Home Screen/Lock Screen widgets that: 1. Show you the number of items remaining on a particular checklist (eg. 5/10 items remaining on your morning checklist) and 2. Show you the next few items to be completed"

Simple but yet so effective

by Remyre

"Exactly what I was looking for. Helps me to create some repeatable routines! Thanks"

Mentally freeing

by DJ_TheWiz

"The concept is simple, the app is simple, it simply works. I can manage to complete things with more consistency thanks to this app, where otherwise I would have left a part of my task undone by mistake. My day is made easier and my confidence increases. Love this app."

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Feel less forgetful

Always feeling like you've forgotten something? Feel organised and free up mental energy. Make repeating checklists so you don't forget your stuff.

Don't be overwhelmed

We live in an overwhelming world. It's easy to forget things when leaving the house. CheckYourList is a simple app, designed to make you organised.

Remember your stuff

Tired of turning up at the gym without your headphones? Forgot your lunch? Turned up at daycare but forgot your baby?

Stop wasting time

Create repeatable checklists when you need to remember things every day. Stop wasting time backtracking and worrying if you have everything. CheckYourList and be confident whenever you leave the house.

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