February 24, 2022

Parenting with Adult ADHD

What happens when, as a parent with ADHD, you search for help, information and tools?

It's hard to find.

Why? Most of what you stumble across is aimed at parenting children with ADHD. Even if you go to a psychiatrist that specialises in ADHD, you are often in a waiting room full of toys.

In someways kids have it easier, they have so much structure around them coming from parents, schools and teachers. They have systems in place to track their progress, yet are then thrust into the adult world and are expected to somehow cope. As schools use grading systems, kids are often diagnosed more quickly as it becomes obvious they are struggling. Resulting in a huge amount of resources being aimed at improving grades (despite grades being pointless).

I want to change this by building tools and sharing information for adults with ADHD. As a Father myself I have a particular interest in learning how to deal with the state of chaos that is parenting when you have ADHD.

CheckyourList.app is the start of this. I've been working for myself for the last seven years, I quit a full time tech job that provided structure, with no plan but to try to build my own startups. The biggest challenge I have faced is ADHD. I've learnt how to keep myself organised (or in reality work around my disorganisation) and through failing to finish a significant amount of projects, I've finally worked out how to finish things.

I'm going to use this blog to share what I have learnt and how I am implementing it into the tools I build to help. The first being CheckYourList, which focuses on helping prevent forgetting to do and bring things for parts of your life. It was inspired by a checklist I run through every time I take my son to daycare so I remember his stuff.