Seed Starting Checklist for Beginners


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Begin your seed starting journey by selecting seeds suitable for your area and the current season. Gather essential supplies like seed trays, pots, soil, labels, and a watering can. Use a prepared seed starting mix or create your own, filling trays or pots with it. Follow seed packet instructions for planting depth and spacing, and label each container with the plant name and date. Water seeds gently, maintaining moist soil without overwatering. Keep trays in a warm, indirectly lit area, covering them to retain humidity. Monitor germination daily, uncovering seedlings as they emerge. Provide ample light and consistent moisture, thinning overcrowded seedlings as needed. Fertilize after the first true leaves appear, then gradually acclimate seedlings to outdoor conditions. Finally, transplant them into the garden or larger pots once they're strong and appropriately sized.